Reviewing Three Very Different But Excellent Craft Beers | Episode 14
Part 2 Of Our Onsite Interview & Beer Reviews At Burning Beard | Episode 16

Onsite At Burning Beard With Interviews & Beer! | Episode 15


Thanks to co-founders Jeff & Mike at Burning Beard Brewing for hosting ThePodCraft onsite.

In Part 1, Chris & Charlie do some interviewing, Jeff & Mike do some answering, and we all get to sample three fantastic beers from Burning Beard:

  • "Where Vultures Fare" (German Pilsner) [Untapped]
  • "In Praise of Pear" (Belgian Sour) [Untapped]
  • "Banksy ESB" (Extra Special Bitter) [Untapped]

Part 2 will be released next week!

Update from Tech Guy Steve (10/25/2020) -- "At the start of the podcast #15 (and in the MP3 notes) I mentioned that we drank the "In Praise of Bacchus" (Belgian Sour). This was an error, what we really had was the excellent "In Praise Of Pear" (American Wild Ale)."

Here are the additional links mentioned during the show:

Check out these recommended products we have been using recently:

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Tech Guy Steve reports that the post audio editing and production along with podcast engineering, distribution, and posting were heavily influenced by this beer:

Steve-Beer"XOCOVEZA Imperial Stout" (inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate) [Untapped] by Stone Brewing 

When not doing podcast audio production, Tech Guy Steve was listening to The Clash.


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