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Four Different Styles Of Barrel Aged Craft Beers With Four Different Fruits | Episode 63


In Episode 63 Chris, Charlie, and Steve deep dive into four barrel-aged craft beers this week: 

  1. "Pilsner Pie" (Pilsner with Lime) [Untapped] from Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR)
  2. "Ghosts in the Forest (Guava)" (Wild Ale) [Untapped] from The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA)
  3. "2021 Kooks Blend 4" (Imperial Stout-Porter Blend with Coconut) [Untapped] from Humble Sea Brewing Company (Santa Cruz, CA)
  4. "Grandaddy Grizzly" (Imperial Pastry Stout with Blueberries) [Untapped] from Horus Aged Ales (Oceanside, CA)

ThePodCraft-Episode-63-CraftbeersHere are the additional links mentioned during the show:

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