Reviewing craft beers from Moksa & Unity - Black Is Beautiful San Diego Mega Collaboration | Episode 12


Here are the two super awesome craft beers highlighted in Episode 12:

If the San Diego Mega Collaboration for Unity (Black Is Beautiful) is still available you can buy some by clicking this link.

The BONUS BEER/AFTER PARTY BEER was "Strawberry C.R.E.A.M. (Cake Rules Everything Around Me)" (Imperial Pastry Sour with Strawberries, Milk Sugar & Vanilla Bean) [Untapped] by Wild Barrel in collaboration with Craft Beer Kings & Beer Zombies

Here are the additional links mentioned during the show:

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Tech Guy Steve reports that the post audio editing and production along with podcast engineering, distribution, and posting were heavily influenced by:

Production beer

"Coastal Sunshine" (Fruited sour with pineapple, orange & banana) [Untapped] from Humble Forager ... thanks Chris & Charlie for sharing!